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Proper Navigation In E-Commerce Website Design

Make the navigation as simple as possible in e-commerce website design. It is your duty to get rid of all sorts of drop downs. But make sure the most important links are being carried through. People have been using the help of a sidebar since years. Now, this option is not much appreciated. It has been observed that if you don’t add links in the header and sidebars then you will gain more attention of the viewer. All you need is to grasp the viewer’s attention and by adding the sidebar you are actually making their focus to getting shifted. Remove the sidebar and let the clicks to rise to about 35%. You must add your content in the beginning and call to action below it.

Use Of Keynote

With the help of the keynote, you can make a great website you don’t need fancy software like Photoshop. You can get quite a great design template from the keynote.

Importance Of Font

You can add a great font in your design to give a unique style to your website. You have to get creative when choosing your fonts. Make sure that you remain consistent with the design font you will lose your signature style. Dig into a deeper research and see the design is appropriate for your business you must keep in mind the design must be suitable according to your need. You are running a business website then you will want a formal font. Otherwise, if you are having a website that primarily focuses on the teenage group then you will want to get a little fancier.

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The Position Of Social Media Icons

Have you tried several options to get people on your website and nothing has worked so far? If you are nodding your head then you need to make use of the social media icons immediately. do n’t make sure that you have them visible in the most prominent place like having them on the header. Remember to place them on the footer otherwise, you will be making people run away from your site immediately. Instead of sharing pages people will get pissed off by the prominent position and won’t really click, instead head back.

Use Of Slideshow For E-Commerce Web Store

You need to let go of the annoying slideshow that will appear on the website. It will piss the next person off greatly. In recent times this option has been the popular one as many e-commerce web store tend to have first pages which focus on the image switching strategy. You need to realize that people won’t stay longer on your page if images are the only focus. They will hold the perception that other than just this fancy slideshow you don’t have more to offer. You can instead get the most important message across by showing that on the slideshow.

Color Selection

You will never fail if you will choose the colors of nature.

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